Sweet, tart and spooky-cheap: six things to cook with Australia’s pineapple surplus


With hospitality demand declining, pineapples are up to 40% cheaper this season. From ferments to granitas, here’s what to do with them. Published in The Guardian

What the hibachi grill says about Japanese culture


TV shows have embraced the hibachi grill, but the device has a long history. Published in SBS Food

Nasi goreng: a one-pot pantry clean-up dish at its best


Is it Malaysian, Indonesian or Singaporean? The answer is all three – and so much more. Published in The Guardian

Feels like home: It's worth walking an hour for hor fun


An interview with chefs Philip and Shirley Leong on their signature Malaysian dish, hor fun. Published in SBS Food, Australia

Shokupan is the anti-sourdough: the rise of Japanese milk bread


A feature on Japanese milk bread, shokupan. Published in The Guardian

For Malaysia's Kristang population, devil's in the curry


A feature on devil curry, which is the signature dish for the Malaysian-Portuguese community. Published in Whetstone Journal

Malaysian toddy, tuak and tapai keep tradition alive


A feature on Malaysia's local alcohol (rice wine, coconut wine) for Whetstone Journal, and how religion & colonisation shaped it. Published in Whetstone Journal

These women looked to their culture for their post-natal recovery


Interview with 3 women to understand their food intake to help with post natal recovery. Published in SBS Voices, Australia 

Australians eat lots of lamb but we don't fancy goat. Why?


A feature on goat meat consumption in Australia. About 90% of Australia’s goat meat is exported but fans say it deserves a place on local plates. Published in The Guardian

Anthology: New Voices on Food


An anthology celebrating voices in Australia's food landscape . My essay on masala tea is one of the ten stories here. Buy it from Somekind Press, Australia 

Grain of truth: 'I once saw a chef cook 80 kilos of rice in a Combi oven'


A feature on rice, which is a staple food yet surprisingly divisive across the world. The right way to cook it is a matter of culinary relativism.

Published in The Guardian 

Australia's slow embrace of regional Indian cuisine


An assessment of the availability of Indian regional food in Australia and why it is a slow process to represent that variety in Australian restaurants. Published in The Guardian 

Cheap sushi and bountiful cheese: what stands out about eating in Australia


From a Korean chef shocked by the varieties of rice, to a Colombian man who ponders the lack of a national dish, overseas-born Australians share their culinary surprises with me. Published in The Guardian 

Grief bacon and other untranslatable words


I have often wondered if people who are bilingual feel a sense of split personalities when they switch language. A piece published in Overland Journal, Australia

Please don't ask me to go camping this long weekend


I marvel at how my Australian friends are so at ease in nature. A piece published in SBS Life, Australia